Every June and September, Irvine Christian Students offers a two-week internship to member students. The internship will include development of the students’ personal relationship with the Lord, a course in the truth, outreach-related project planning and execution, online projects, and other group work and special projects.

The goal of the internship is to perfect and equip the students in the work of begetting, nourishing, perfecting, and building up with a specific emphasis on reaching their peers on campus.

June Internship 2018

Dates: June 18-28

September Internship 2018

Dates: September 10-21


This is a special opportunity to experience serving with a team laboring on another college campus at the start of their school year, usually the busiest time for them in contacting new students. The locations and dates for this year's out-of-state campus outreach are TBD, and more details are forthcoming.

​To find out more about our gospel trips, read about previous trips at the links below, or contact us for any further inquiries!


The Summer School of Truth is a weeklong truth school for the junior high and high schoolers in the church. Experience has shown that there is nothing as impactful on a young person as having college students to look up to, as those who are just a little ahead of them in the Christian life.

The Children's Summer Bible Camp is an awesome opportunity to serve with the young children in the church and to learn how to raise up young vessels for the Lord's testimony.

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Summer School of Truth: June 11-16

Summer Bible Camp: July 16-21